About Laurie Schoenberg LMFT, MA, MS
Child Therapist, Early Interventionist, Family Therapy

I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT), specializing in working with children/adolscents with developmental, emotional & behavioral
issues. I have completed two graduate degree (child development and counseling psychology) where my training focused on developmental
issues of childhood and child psychopathology issues. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of children/adolscents and families in a
variety of settings including: clinical settings, early childhood schools, elementary/middle/high schools, hospitals, out-patient mental health
settings and in-home visitation programs. I am also a lecturer, parent educator and past college professor.
Sometimes adults struggle with their our own emotion regulation and ability to connection with their partners emotionally. My developmental
lens works well with adults who are struggling with personal or professional relationships. I support each family's specific concerns in
establishing emotional connections.
I encourage children/adolscents and adults alike to understand how their brain works; so you can truly start to control emotions, increase focus
and attention and most importantly to have empathy for those we love and care about. Once we learn how to exercise the brain; our relationships
can improve dramatically!

For inquiries about setting up a therapy appointment, parenting class or lecture/presentation; please contact:  Laurie Schoenberg, MFT  
951-514-5744 or email: lschoenbergmft@verizon.net

Educational Accomplishments:

* Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

* Master of Arts Counseling

* Early Intervention Certificate Program -  Birth to 5 Years.

* West Ed . Program for Infant Toddlers Caregivers

* Certified Infant Massage Instructor

* Masters of Science - Instructional Leadership, Early Childhood Education

* California Community College Credential

* Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship Graduate, 2017

Professional Experience:

*  Family/Couple/Adult /Child/Adolscent Therapist : Private Practice and Nonprofit Organizations

*  Early Childhood Education/Health Administrator First 5 Riverside/Department of Social Services Riverside County

* UC Davis  Children's Hospital Department of Pediatrics - Infant Mental Health Services: Clinical Specialist providing Services for
 Sacramento County- EPSDT Program

* Sacramento Children's Home / Birth and Beyond Mental Health Specialist/Clinician

* San Andres Regional Center and Inland Regional Center- Social Worker / Service Coordinator for Early Start Unit

* CAR - Community Association Rehabilitation Early Interventionist / Home Educator

* West Ed & California Department of Education infant Toddler Caregivers Program - Trainer San Mateo County

* Children's Council of San Francisco Program Director  San Francisco Early Childhood Professional development Initiative and Career
  resource center.

* Community College Instructor

* Community Lecturer, Presenter & Educator